The Golden Garland  -  Celebrating Excellence

is an annual award for the highest scoring

dressage pony at an official EA event

from Preliminary to Grand Prix


  • Competition year 1/8/19 to 31/7/20

  • Open to ponies not exceeding 148 cms without shoes, in all Australian states and territories.

  • Pony must be registered with its EA State Branch and owner/rider must be financial members in accordance with the EA rules.

  • Current measuring certificate must be supplied for proof of height.

  • Must be an EA Official Dressage event.

  • Preliminary to Grand Prix eligible.

  • Test must have two official EA judges to be eligible.

  • HC, Young Pony and Freestyle competitions are not eligible.

  • Copy of official results (or link to results) must be emailed by the rider/owner to the ASPR Federal Office by 14th August, 2020. 

  • Pony can only win a Golden Garland once at any one level. ie: rider can only submit results above the level the pony won at in the following year or any subsequent year.

  • ASPR membership is not required but is encouraged so that the ASPR can continue to recognise         outstanding achievements, training and breeding.

PATRON : Jill Cobcroft




President  -  Rossanne Mason

Vice President - Kate Storey-Whyte

Treasurer - Lynn MacIntyre


Secretary/Federal Registrar - Casey MacIntyre

PO Box 305 Eaglehawk, Victoria 3556 

Email -  


Rossanne Mason - Victoria 

Casey MacIntyre - Victoria

Lynn MacIntyre - Victoria

Kate Storey-Whyte - Victoria

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