Imported Appendix

Many of the purpose bred sports ponies now being imported to Australia have already undertaken an inspection procedure in their country of origin. In order for these ponies to maintain the score and ranking obtained in the European Stud Books, and to become part of the Australian Sport Pony Registry, the ASPR have introduced an 'Imported Appendix'.


The 'Imported Appendix' is open, upon successful application, to both horses and ponies. 

Once registered in the 'Imported Appendix', application may be made to have the pony/horse inspected on the ASPR Annual Assessment Tour as a Premium Grade or Overheight Appendix registration.



  • Pony/horse must be registered with and have received an assessment score from a stud book approved by the Registry. 

  • DNA profile must be supplied for entires aged 3 years and over. DNA kits are available upon application to the Federal Office.  

  • Microchipping is compulsory

  • Owner must provide, with the registration application, a copy of the entire passport and all assessment score sheets from the originating stud book. If the papers are not in English, a translated copy must be provided. 

  • Pony will retain titles received from the originating stud books for so long as this title remains current.

  • If the pony has undertaken the full licensing process of the country of origin (ie: performance test or competition results) the pony can also be included in the Premium graded section of the Registry according to the score achieved.

  • If the horse has undertaken the full incensing process of the country of origin (ie: performance test or competition results) the horse can also be included in the Overheight Appendix of the Registry according to the score achieved. 

  • Owners are required to become ordinary members of the Registry.

  • Ponies 148 cms or under (without shoes) that are accepted into the Imported Appendix are eligible for High Point/ROM Awards and may compete under the same conditions in Registry competitions as a Premium Grade pony.

  • Horses over 148 cms (without shoes) that are accepted into the Imported Appendix are not eligible for High Point/ROM Awards.

  • Owner/s may apply at anytime following registration in the Imported Appendix, to undertake the assessment requirements of the Premium Grading or Overheight Appendix By-Laws in order to be transferred to the Registry’s Premium Grade Studbook or Overheight Appendix.

  • Where a complaint is lodged with the Federal Office about the height of a pony and a current measurement certificate cannot be produced to verify the height, the ASPR may suspend the pony’s registration until such time as a current measurement certificate is supplied.

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