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ASPR Membership

Join now for the 2024 membership year and receive many benefits for your membership.

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Non-assessed registration

Did you know that you do not have to have your pony or horse assessed on the ASPR Tour to be able to register with the ASPR?

The ASPR offers membership and registration benefits for Non-assessed ponies and horses that other organisations just cannot match!

If you simply require a registration that lists the pedigree of your pony or horse, then Non-assessed registration is the way to go.  

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Welcome to the

Australian Sports Pony Registry

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Australian Sports Pony Registry

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The Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc. (“ASPR”) is delighted to announce that it has entered into an association with the Westphalian Verband in Germany to register eligible foals, approve eligible mares and license eligible pony stallions.

More information here . . .

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NEW - Ridden and/or jumping only assessments

Ponies and horses that have previously been assessed and registered with the ASPR for conformation and free movement only, may now apply for a ridden and/or jumping  assessment without re-presenting for the conformation and free movement phases.


The ridden and/or jumping assessment score will be added to the existing grading.  Changes to grading status (eg: 1st Premium to Premium or Premium to Elite) will be recorded in the ASPR Stud Book.

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If your pony/horse has been assessed for conformation and free movement only with a recognised and approved stud book/registry, application may be made to the ASPR Federal Office to have those scores recognised.


Owner must be a current ASPR financial member.


If you are interested in booking a ridden and/or jumping only assessment on the forthcoming National Tour, please contact the ASPR Federal Office.

More information on Ridden and/or Jumping only assessments here . . .


The ASPR is now affiliated with the HRCAV (Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria) and invites riders of both ponies and horses to join our new club.

Membership forms now available here . . .


The new membership year commences on 1st November, 2023

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'Sports Pony' is the official e-magazine of the ASPR.

View 'Sports Pony'

here . . .

Official results and photo reports of ASPR competitions here . . .

Breeding Crown Titles

for Stallions and Mares

Breeding Crown and Elite Breeding Crown Titles are now available to ASPR registered stallions and mares to recognise their breeding value through progeny who consistently produce performance results to a high standard.

Read more here . . . 

The ASPR introduces to Australian breeders a new Stallion/Mare Test (AU) which will recognise stallions and mares as undergoing additional performance requirements to their initial assessment.   

Read more here . . . 

Stallion/Mare Test (AU)

Grand Champion Dressage Pony Award

$250 plus inscribed rug will be awarded to ponies who outscore open horses at an official EA Championship event.  

Read the rules here as well as see profiles on our winners . . .

Small Horse and Over Height Registers

The Small Horse and Over Height Registers now replace the Over Height Appendix.

Horses are eligible for Annual High Point Awards and the much sought after Roll of Merit Awards.

Read more here . . .

Annual High Point & Roll of Merit Awards

2023 Annual High Point and Roll of Merit Awards are now open (1/1/23 to 31/12/23).


Entry is FREE to ASPR members with registered ponies


Read more here . . .

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One stop online store

Online Store for paying your ASPR fees including membership, registration etc. in the one transaction.  


Online forms are now also available.


Online store is on the Forms & Fees page here . . .

Stallions at Stud

Advertising is welcome for both open and ASPR registered stallions.

Become an ASPR member and you can advertise your stallion for FREE.

More information here . . .

Do you own a registered ASPR Pony?

Or, have you purchased one in the past few years?  Your ASPR pony may already have earned points towards their Roll of Merit Awards.

Check out the ASPR online stud book to look up your pony's registration, then contact the ASPR to see if your pony has already earned points.

Once a pony is ASPR registered, the pony is registered for life.  The owner only needs to be a current member each year so that the pony is eligible for the ROM Awards (as well as the Annual High Point Awards).  Entry is FREE and all you have to do is submit results online here. The owner does not have to be the rider.  The pony may have multiple rider as the ASPR Awards are for the pony, regardless of rider.

Find out more information here . . .

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Property Identification Code Number

All states and territories in Australia (other than the ACT) now require property owners that have one or more horses on the property to register for a Property Identification Code or PIC. 


If you have not already applied for a PIC or are unsure of whether you need to apply for one, click on the link below for the state you are located in which will give you the information required. 


Note that registration is free in most states but some do have a fee.



The Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc. (the Registry) aims to provide an effective framework of information to assist pony breeders, riders, owners and trainers when

selecting ponies for performance in dressage, showjumping,  eventing and combined training.



  • To promote the interests of the purpose-bred Australian Sports Pony

  • To provide information pertaining to venues and inspection dates run by the Registry for Australian Sports Ponies

  • To make recommendations and assist in the formulation of rules and regulations governing the holding of competitions for Australian Sports Ponies

  • To develop and maintain accurate records of Australian Sports Ponies which have been classified by the Registry, including assessment records, performance scores and relevant stud books.

  • To provide and promote competitions for the Australian Sports Pony in the disciplines of dressage, showjumping, eventing and combined training

  • To provide information on the classical training techniques necessary for the advancement of the Australian Sports Pony in the disciplines of dressage, showjumping, eventing and combined training

  • To collate information both from within and without Australia with regard to matters affecting the Australian Sports Pony

  • To co-ordinate and distribute such information to the Australian public and, in particular, to members of the Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc.

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