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Westfalen Verband

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The Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc. (“ASPR”) is delighted to announce that it has entered into an association with the Westphalian Verband in Germany to register eligible foals, approve eligible mares and license eligible pony stallions.


For more than 100 years the Westphalian Verband has been identified as one of the most successful horse breeds in professional sport.  We see Westphalia as a progressive Verband, adapting quickly to global challenges in equestrian sports and striving to meet the needs of riders, breeders and horse lovers.  This is an exciting time for Australian breeders.


Internationally, the Verband is of course known for the famous breed of the “German Riding Pony” and more than 25% of all German pony mares and foals associate themselves with this Verband.


The National Tour assessor, Mr Frank Weisskirchen has been approved by the Association to inspect, approve and accept for registration, pony foals (of approved breeding), mares with eligible pedigrees and licence pony stallions sired by stallions approved by the Verband.

Broodmare approval and registration with the Westfalen Verband (Westfalen Stud Book, Germany)


Approval of Mares for the Westfalen Verband  (“the Verband”) as broodmares :

  • Mare must be 3 years of age as of August 1st

  • Mare must be microchipped prior to assessment

  • Mare must be registered with the ASPR prior to the assessment

  • Mare must be DNA tested prior to the assessment (DNA kits are available through the ASPR)

  • Proof of Pedigree must be submitted to the Verband via the ASPR Federal Secretary at least one month before the National Tour commences.

    • F​our generations of pedigree to be submitted

    • The Verband will decide if the pedigree is approved for breeding with either licensed or approved GRP stallions to enable the resulting progeny to be registered with the Verband

    • Subject to pedigree approval,  the mare is then eligible to be assessed by the approved Verband assessor on the National Tour conducted in Australia.

    • At the assessment, the mare will be scored for conformation, movement, overall impression and type.

  • If the mare is approved for breeding in Australia, the mare will be listed in Westfalen Verband Studbook 1.

  • Mares applying for Westfalen Verband approval may already be registered with an Australian Stud Book/Registry but must not be registered with any Stud book, Federation or Society in Germany or have a passport with a UELN issued from another country.



Foal Registration


In order for a foal to be registered with Westphalia as a German Riding Pony, the foal must be born out of a mare who is registered or approved for Westphalia.


A broodmare may be assessed with a foal at foot and, subject to her being accepted, the assessor may also assess her foal on the same day for conformation, movement, type and overall impression.


  • The foal must be sired by a Westfalen licensed or approved pony stallion.

  • Proof of Pedigree must be submitted for four generations.

  • The foal must not be registered with any other Stud Book, Federation or Registry in Germany or have a passport with a UELN issued from another country.

  • Foal must be presented for assessment on the National Tour prior to the foal turning one year of age.

  • The foal must be microchipped prior to the day of assessment.

  • Foal must be DNA test prior to the assessment (DNA kits are available through the ASPR)


Foals are entered into the main GRP stud book for Westphalia (labelled Westfalen registered born AU)


Any colt that is registered with the Westfalen Verband is then eligible to be exported to Germany to enter the main licensing if the breeder so chooses. The breeder/owner of the colt also has the option to complete the licensing process via the sport to complete the Westfalen Verband performance testing.

Stallion Licensing


For the 2019 National Tour ONLY, stallion prospects may present for licensing if they are over 2 years old, without having been registered as foals, but proof of pedigree, DNA and microchip requirements must still be met.


Commencing 1st January, 2020 any colt foal seeking to become a future licensing candidate must be foal registered in order to be eligible.


Stallion prospects must be born from a mare that is approved Westphalia and must be by a stallion that is licensed approved or eligible for Westphalia.


To be eligible for licensing in Australia, the stallion prospect must have a DNA profile and be microchipped.  The microchip will be checked by the assessor on the day.


First Phase of licensing :


The National Tour assessor will score the colt (when he is approximately 2 and a half years of age) for:


  • Conformation

  • Type

  • Free Jumping

  • Free Movement

  • Overall Impression


Second Phase of licensing :


Completion of stallion licensing (HLP) must be done via sport and by the end of the stallion’s 5th year of age.


Sport results are required for breeding/stallion book :


  • Achieve a placing of 1st, 2nd or 3rd no less than 5 times at Official Equestrian Australia Elementary dressage test level

  • Minimum of 4 horses must be in the competition

  • Minimum accepted score of 65%


Sale of a Registered Westfalen Verband foal/pony 


If the breeder sells a foal/pony that is registered with the Westfalen Verband, the foal/ pony must have the ownership transferred into the new owners name in order for the foal/pony’s registration to stay valid. The new owner must become a member of the Verband and pay the annual membership and registration fees. If the new owner does not wish to retain the registration then the seller must inform the Verband  that the foal/pony is sold.


Please note this transfer process is only required for mares that are used for breeding purposes and colt foals with the intention of being licensed when they are of suitable age or stallions that are breeding.



Fees for 2020 


  • DNA Kit - $70 (available through the ASPR)

  • 2019 Assessment Fee for Mares and foals - $100

  • 2019 Assessment Fee for First Phase of Licensing  - $120


Fees for registration with the Verband will be invoiced direct to the owner


  • Inspection of pedigree by the Westfalen Verband for mare – 31.20 Euro

  • Westfalen Verband membership (for 2019)  -  64.20 Euro

  • Mare Registration Fee – 80.25 Euro

  • Mare Ownership Certificate including passport – 53.50 Euro

  • Foal Registration Fee – 80.25 Euro

  • Foal Ownership Certificate including passport – 53.50 Euro

  • Stallion Fees  -  To be advised


* Please note that Westfalen Verband membership and annual registration fees are charged automatically direct to the listed owner in late January/early February of each year unless the member notifies the Verband by the preceding 31st December.  (Provide contact email for cancelling membership )


  • Registered and active broodmares are liable for an annual  fee of 21.40 Euro

  • Annual Stallion Fee – to be advised

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