Small Horse and

Over Height Registers

Small horses exceeding 148 cms (14.2 1/4hh) and up to 158 cms

(15.2 1/4hh) without shoes may be registered in the Small Horse Register.


Horses exceeding 158 cms (15.2 1/4hh) without shoes may be

registered in the Over Height Register. 


Any pony that has previously been assessed and registered with the ASPR Inc. and then grows over the height maximum will be transferred to the appropriate register.


  • Any breed or colour is accepted

  • Known or unknown pedigree is accepted. Acceptable proof of breeding must be supplied for known pedigree.

  • No minimum age

  • Horses may be registered as assessed or non-assessed.

  • Horses that have been assessed/licensed with a stud book or registry recognised by the ASPR should apply to the Federal Office. 

  • Horse aged 3 years and over must be either microchipped or branded with a recognised brand.

  • All entires aged 3 years and over must supply a DNA profile.

  • Owner/s are required to become member/s of the ASPR

  • Horses presenting for assessment on the Annual Assessment Tour receive an assessment comprising compulsory two phases - conformation and free movement, with ridden and jumping phases optional.

  • Horses previously assessed for conformation and free movement may apply for a ridden and/or jumping only assessment 
    • Horses applying for a ridden and/or jumpng only assessment must be aged 3 years of age or over.​
    • The ridden and/or jumping score may be added to the existing conformation and free movement scores and, if applicable, the horse may be upgraded. The owner at all times may reject the ridden or jumping score without affecting a prior awarded conformation and free movement grading, and may opt to re-present the horse at a later date.
  • Horses that have completed an assessment with a recognised and approved stud book must apply to the ASPR to have that score approved for the calculation of Premium grading.

    • If a ridden and/or jumping assessment is required, application must be made to the ASPR.​

  • Horses registered in the Small Horse and Over Height Registers are eligible for Annual High Point Awards for their own division and Open Roll of Merit Awards.

  • Horses registered in the Small horse and Over Height Registers are eligible for Breeding Crown titles and the ASPR Stallion/Mare Test (AU)

  • Owners of stallions in the Small Horse and Over Height Registers can purchase ASPR service certificates.

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President  -  Rossanne Mason

Vice President - Kate Storey-Whyte

Treasurer - Lynn MacIntyre


Secretary/Federal Registrar - Casey MacIntyre

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