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ASPR Forms and Fees

One Stop Shop for payment of all fees

To save time in processing your membership, registration application etc., owners may complete payment of all fees in the one transaction in our online store

  • Membership application to be completed online here . . .

  • Registration application may be completed online or can be be downloaded and posted to the Federal Office. Scanned or emailed applications will not be accepted.

  • Transfer/Lease applications MUST be printed and original posted to the Federal Office. Scanned and emailed copies will not be accepted.

  • Stud Prefix, Stallion Service Certificate applications and applications for DNA kits may now be completed online.


On check out, payment may be made via Paypal or with a Visa or Mastercard

Membership with the ASPR entitles you to :


  • Register ponies for Premium Grading on the Annual ASPR Assessment Tour.

  • Register Non-Assessed ponies - Non-assessed ponies may be registered from birth.

  • Equine Identification Document and Online ASPR Stud Book - All assessed and non-assessed ponies and horses registered with the ASPR receive a comprehensive Equine Identification Document which includes detailed information on pedigree, markings, vaccinations, competition results and much more. The Equine Identification Document adheres to European standards. Your pony/horse will also be entered into the online stud book, a valuable tool for researching pedigrees and assessment scores.

  • Register horses in the Small Horse Register - Assessed and non-assessed horses exceeding 148 cms but not exceeding 158 cms can be registered in the Small Horse Register. 

  • Register horses in the Over Height Register - Assessed and non-assessed horses exceeding 158 cms can be registered in the Over Height Register.

  • Registered Non-Assessed and Assessed stallions and mares are eligible for the Breeding Crown titles and Stallion/Mare Test (AU)

  • Discounted entry fees for all ASPR hosted competitions and training days

  • Free advertising for your stud and ponies for sale in the ‘Sports Pony’ e-magazine and on the ASPR web site. ‘Sports Pony’ is an electronic newsletter in full colour with live links to advertisers web site. Advertising on the ASPR web site also includes live link.



  • Annual Membership Year  -  1st January to 31st December


Junior (under 18 years) - no voting rights

Adult (1 person - 1 vote)

Family/Stud/Company (1 adult

 - per additional member (membership is listed in family/stud/company name with 1 adult to be nominated as the representative)


  • Registration Fee (Non-assessed & Premium)


If your pony has been registered Non-assessed and then is upgraded with a Premium Assessment, no further charge is applicable other than the fee for assessment as per below


  • Changeover Fee for new Equine Identification Document


Original ASPR Registration Certificates remain valid but if owners wish to changeover to the new Equine ID Doc. an application form, fee and original certificate must be sent to the Federal Office. 


  • Transfer/Lease Fee


Before a transfer/lease application can be approved, the purchaser/lessee must become a financial member of the ASPR Inc.


  • Re-assessment Fee


If you wish to have your Premium Graded pony re-assessed at any point, assessment fee plus reassessment fee is applicable.


  • Registration Fee for Small Horse & Over Height Registers


Horses over 148 cms (without shoes) but not exceeding 158 cms are eligible for the Small Horse Register.  Horses exceeding 158 cms are eligible for the Over Height Register. Owner/s must become a financial member.


  • ASPR Stallion Service Certificates 


  • Stud Prefix Registration Fee


  • DNA Kit Application Fee










$2 each



Many of the ASPR application forms can now be completed online.

All applications can be paid for through the ASPR Online Store regardless of whether you submit the application online or in the mail

Downloadable ASPR applications

ASPR Membership Application  1/1/2024 to 31/12/2024

ASPR Registration Application

Transfer of Ownership Application

Lease Application

Service Certificate Application

DNA Kit Application

Stud Prefix Application

Application for

Stallion/Mare Test (AU)

Application for

Breeding Crown

Application for

Elite Breeding Crown

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