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Equine Identification Document and Online Stud Book



Using similar SAMMS technology that is based on the systems adopted by the APSB, RPSB and AHSA, every pony/horse that has been registered with the ASPR since 2004 is entered into the system. 


Many of our ponies and horses have multiple registrations and where known, the additional registration information has been included.


Until we are otherwise notified, no contact details are viewable by the general public. Members should contact the Federal Office if you wish to have privacy settings changed so that some or all of your contact details are viewable.

Owners are invited to view their pony/horse details in the Online Stud Book and to contact the Federal Office with any additional information that can be entered for their ASPR registered pony/horse, including new microchip information, EA registration, other registrations etc.

Australian Sports Pony Registry



The ASPR is first and foremost a registry for sports ponies and horses and any breed with known or unknown pedigree is accepted for registration providing the height requirements are met.

For the purposes of breed definition within the online stud book, the known breeding of the pony/horse is used if the pony/horse is not registered with any breed group.

Eg. 1:

"of arabian breeding" - pony/horse is not registered with the Arabian Horse Society put the majority of the pedigree is Arabian blood.


Eg. 2:

"of GRP breeding" - pony/horse is a result of breeding from both licensed German Riding Pony stallions and German Riding Pony crosses (min. 50%) in the extended pedigree but sire/dam is not a registered and licensed German Riding Pony born in Germany. 



The Equine Identification Document’ issued on approved registration of each pony/horse lists detailed information (including extended pedigree, assessment scores, performance results, vaccination & veterinary records and much more) for your pony/horse and conforms to the European standard and is enclosed in a sturdy vinyl cover.


All registration certificates issued prior to the Equine ID Document remain valid. However, if you would like to replace your original certificate, you will need to complete the Application to Replace Registration Certificate below and send it, and the certificate to the ASPR Office. 


Note that to apply for an Equine ID Document, the pony/horse owner must be a current financial member of the ASPR. 


If you are not a current member of the ASPR, you can join and pay online here - Online Membership Application

Australian Sports Pony Registry
Australian Sports Pony Registry



The assessed grading of the pony/horse is listed under Status.

Where known, the licensing, performance test score (HLP) etc. is listed under status for imported stallions/mares.

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