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2019 National Tour 

Thank you to all pony owners, riders and breeders for participating in the 2019 National Tour.

Official results are posted below.

Each animal assessed will receive a comprehensive Equine Identification Document and listing in the ASPR online stud book.

National High Score Pony Foal

Freemans Lodge Burlesque


National Best Presented

Belmore Park Perfect Timing


National High Score Pony Yearling

Freemans Lodge Diplomacy


National High Score 2 yo Pony

Grenwood Rendition


National High Score 3 yrs & over Pony

(must complete min conf/move phases)

Deveron Let’s Dance


National High Score Ridden Pony

(ridden phase only)

Hilkens Denali (Imp)


National High Score Jumping Pony

(jumping phase only)

Tombo Park Kookies N Cream


National High Score Small Horse/

Over Height

Penmain Make No Secret

Golden Garland final comp.jpg

National High Score Exhibit

Freemans Lodge Burlesque


National High Score Australian Bred

Skyline Park Mavro Gold &

Grantulla Daft Punk

LOGO 2 NT with gold.png

Visit the National Tour web site for full results on all horses and ponies. 

The National Tour e-magazine coming soon!!

​Did your non ASPR registered stallion or mare have progeny that gained a Premium or Elite grading on the National Tour?


If they did, you can apply for non-assessed registration with the ASPR to start the exciting journey of achieving a Breeding Crown title (gained through progeny points).  Progeny themselves do not have to be ASPR registered to gain points.

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