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Non-Assessed Registration

Did you know that you do not have to have your pony/horse assessed ​on the Annual Assessment Tour to be able to register with the ASPR?


While an independent and unbiased assessment done by an internationally qualified assessor can be added value for breeding stock or youngsters for sale, it may not be what you require at the present time.  You can always register now and get an assessment on a future Tour.


If you simply require a registration that lists the pedigree of your pony or horse, then non-assessed registration is the way to go. 


The ASPR will register any breed and colour of horse or pony - there is no complicated ‘formula’ to work out breed eligibility.  The ASPR is completely non breed specific. Providing your pony is 148 cms (14.2 1/4hh) or under without shoes or your horse is over that height, then they can be registered  - with or without known pedigree.


Non-assessed ponies and horses receive the same comprehensive Equine Identification Document as assessed stock and are also recorded in our online stud book, a valuable research tool for breeders and

potential buyers.  Our online stud book lists extensive pedigrees, other registrations (where known), awards and titles and much more.


Non-assessed registration with the ASPR gives you loads of benefits that other organisations just cannot match :

  • Free entry into the very popular Annual High Point and Roll of Merit Awards

  • Access to Breeding Crown Titles for Stallions and Mares

  • Member discounts at ASPR hosted events

  • Free advertising of ponies and horses for sale/stallions at stud in the ASPR e-magazine and web site

Annual High Point &

Roll of Merit Awards

All Non-assessed ponies and horses are eligible for the Annual High Point and Roll of Merit Awards.  


Entry is FREE to ASPR members with registered ponies and horses.


Read more here . . .

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New Breeding Crown Titles

for Stallions and Mares

New Breeding Crown and Elite Breeding Crown Titles are available to all ASPR registered stallions and mares, assessed and non-assessed and both ponies and horses.


The new titles recognise breeding value through progeny who consistently produce performance results to a high standard.

Read more here . . . 

The non-assessed registration process is very simple and easy to understand :

Step 1

Download the Registration Application and forward completed application to the ASPR Federal Office

Step 2

Complete the Online Membership Application

Upon processing of your membership and registration applications, you will receive an Equine Identification Document and your pony/horse will be entered into the ASPR Online Stud Book.

Step 3

Complete payment for registration and

membership at the online store

Your pony/horse receives free entry into the Annual High Point and Roll of Merit Awards and you can start submitting results from the date your registration application was received by the ASPR.

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