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2010 Victorian Pony Challenge

Without a doubt, this years Pony 6 Bar, kindly sponsored by Seven Creeks Veterinary Clinic was the most competitive we have had to date with all 8 ponies presented being real contenders for the 1st prize. Please enjoy the photos of the 6 Bar supplied by Berni Saunders who braved the very cold indoor arena on Saturday night to bring you these great action shots.


The 3rd round saw all 8 ponies still in the competition and with only 2 rounds to go, the heights of the jumps started getting serious. 5 ponies went out in the 4th round and with 3 ponies remaining for the 5th and final round, the jumps were raised to a new record for our event. The 4th jump was raised to 1.10 m, the 5th was set at 1.20 m (the winning height for last year!) and the 6th and final jump was just over 1.30 metres - the same height as the wall surrounding the main arena!


The 3 ponies who went into the final round were Gresam Lodge Maximus (2nd place in 2009), Tilson Park Michael and Kapeta Kip (winner from 2009).


It was delightful to see Kapeta Kip with his rider, Ellen Sherwood come out on top to defend his title from last year. Ellen certainly had her heart in her mouth approaching that last jump as she said later,

it was the highest she had ever jumped him.


2nd place went to Gresam Lodge Maximus who, after also placing 2nd last year can take heart from the fact that Kip placed 2nd two years in a row before he finally had a maybe 2011 will be his year.


3rd went to Tilson Park Michael who had travelled all the way from Albury to take compete.

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