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ASPR Online Registration Application

Please read following information BEFORE completing the online Registration Application as several scanned documents are required :

  • Please download, complete and scan the markings diagram (at right) in preparation for upload.  This document must be scanned in high resolution pdf or jpeg as it is used within the Equine Identification Document.

  • If you have a current height certificate (EA, RAS or SHC) please scan and save in preparation for upload.

  • If the pony/horse is NOT registered with any other stud book or registry, a stallion service certificate is required.  Please scan and save in preparation for upload.  

  • If NO stallion service certificate or acceptable proof of breeding is available, the sire and dam will be listed as UNKNOWN.

Proceed to the online store to pay for the registration fee

Paypal, Visa or Mastercard options

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